Powell Festival 2024
We are thrilled to invite you to apply to be a vendor at our 27th Annual Powell Festival Fri.,
June 21 and Sat., June 22! This year we will have food trucks, commercial
(non-artisan vendors), artisan/mlm vendors, and non-profit organizations represented on both
days of the market. Vendors, please note that the application process has changed and this is
now a juried event. Please make sure to thoroughly review the following information before you
apply. You will find a link at the bottom of this page to access the application.
Who is eligible to be a vendor?
Applicants must be year-round and/or seasonal operations with proven show/festival
experience. Applicants must have all necessary licenses and insurance. Vendors assume full
legal responsibility for participation.
When and how are vendors selected?
All applications will be reviewed and accepted on the 20th of the month with the cut-off being
Mon., May 20. A waiting list will be created for those vendors/merchants not chosen due to their
category being full.
Wait-listed vendors may be added if other vendors/merchants do not meet payment deadlines
or if space opens up in other areas of the park. Application submission is not a guaranteed
acceptance to the festival. Special preference will be given to vendors/merchants based on the
· A vendor has a previous and strong track record with the Powell Festival.
· A vendor has a Powell business and/or is located in Powell.
· A vendor has a unique item not provided by other vendors.
All decisions of the committee will be final.
When will I receive my acceptance of my application?
Vendors will be selected on the 20th of the month in which you have applied and will be contacted via email. After May 20, if your application has not been accepted you will receive a letter of decline via email.

Important Dates:

March 20 – First round of acceptance emails will go out

April 3 – First round of invoices due

April 20 – Second round of acceptance emails will go out

May 3 – Second round of invoices due

May 15 – Last day for applications to be submitted

May 20 – Last date of vendor application approval. Declined notifications will be sent to vendors not accepted.

June 3 – Last round of invoices due

ITEMS NOT PERMITTED FOR SALE: Beverages including all water products and any type of pop/soda. Any beverages sold must be approved by the City of Powell prior to the event.

Maximum 10’ x 10’ area permitted per business. Multiple spaces may be purchased. Vendors
must provide their own 10’ x 10’ tents, tables, and chairs. Powell Festival is not responsible for
any of your set-up items. Electricity is not available (except to food trucks in the main food
court), so if this is needed you will need to bring your own generator. Space sharing with
multiple vendors/merchants is not permitted at Powell Festival.
Nonprofit Organization
Nonprofit or charitable organizations recognized by the state of Ohio, public educational
institutions, churches, libraries, senior services, civic clubs, or scouts. A limited number of
organizations with these criteria will be selected. Those qualified nonprofit organizations selected
can provide a free family-friendly and/or safe children’s gift and/or educational station in lieu of
payment. No selling or fundraising is permitted.
*The fee for nonprofit organizations and government agencies may be waived if the
organization provides an activity for children. Please include a description of the activity
in your application. Think of exciting activities that will bring children/families to your
Governmental Agency
Agencies where more than 50% of funding is from public sources (such as law enforcement
departments, village/city/township/county agencies, etc.) who wish to have a booth.
*The fee for nonprofit organizations and government agencies may be waived if the
organization provides an activity for children. Please include a description of the activity
in your application.
Artisan/MLM (Multi Level Marketing)
Vendors who wish to sell/display a larger sampling of their own or others’ goods which can
include some or all commercially produced items (Pampered Chef, Thirty-One Gifts,
Tupperware, etc.) and do not use a professional showroom, office building, retail establishment,
etc. Multi-level marketing companies will not have multiple reps represented at Powell Festival,
but we may have products in the same industry represented (example: Mary Kay and
Commercial Business
Retail merchants who wish to sell a larger sampling of their own items at the Powell Festival.
Booths may not be shared by more than one retail business. Products or goods may be
present and available for sale at the Powell Festival. Those businesses within the Powell
municipal boundaries qualify for a 10% discount. Proof of address necessary with application.
A political party, committee, association, fund, or other organization (whether or not
incorporated) that is required to file a statement of organization with the state board of elections
or a county clerk or that seeks to attain and maintain political power within government, usually
by participating in electoral campaigns.
Insurance Required
All vendors must present proof of insurance at the time of application or before their
application can be approved. This can be uploaded on the application form OR emailed to
powellfestmarket@gmail.com with the subject reading “2024 (YOUR BUSINESS NAME)

Insurance. The requirements are as follows:

Individual Applicant. If the applicant/event producer is not a business or group, but instead an applicant who is an individual, who expect more than 500 attendees to the event, and/or intends to serve or sell alcoholic beverages at the event, the applicant/event producer must provide proof of personal liability insurance in the amount of not less than $500,000 combined single limit through either a ;homeowner policy or other liability insurance policy by submitting a certificate of insurance.

If alcohol is served or sold by the individual, the certificate of insurance must specify that incidental/host liquor liability coverage applies for this particular event and specify the date of the event, unless the individual contract with a City permitted alcohol vendor to serve the alcohol.

Notice of Policy Cancellation. All insurance policies must state the City of Powell will be notified at least ten (10) days in advance of any intent by the insurance company to cancel or non-renew the applicant/event producer’s insurance coverage.

To Apply
Please follow this link
We look forward to receiving your application! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any
further questions!

Andi Moore, Vendor Chairperson